Arrows of a Dying Age

by FIN

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released April 28, 2017

M.K. - Guitars
D.F.K. Drums

Produced and Engineered by Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio in Chicago, IL


all rights reserved



FIN Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Manias
A firm grasp on virtue
The glory which lights our path
An inner war...the arrows find my hand
Shooting my manias
The world eclipsed by the sun
A new age has dawned
A life has just begun

Brazen strides of ignorance
Have yielded this path
A new age has risen
In maniacal aftermath
I've struck these manias
As I wish furthermore for all
To one day lay down our weapons
To hear the greater call

This is an anthem
To praise strife
The failures of our respective lives
No glory in failure
No pride in fear
Pray one day these thoughts shall disappear

Suffering to reach a path
A role in life
It doth hath
A fire burns in our souls
To banish worry
To reach a goal
Track Name: The Sight
Simplicity guides the voice
Of a tender-hearted man
Lacking in value
Words fly by command
No reserve at all
They further dig their grave
Daunted by shame
In mind

Bear witness
These fate-filled words
A message wrought so clear
With every fate-filled verse
So never worry
Of the ravings of the sheep
Remain in sight
So clearly
Beckon those asleep

I've surely seen this dance
Fingers of scorn
A truly brazen path
Why bother detracting those
With minds already set
When you maintain your virtues

A waste of time
On such frivolity
Arrogant in pride
Some decree
False claims of merit
From totally tasteless tripe
Those eternally burning
From their own inside plight
Track Name: Strings of Discourse
As shadows we waltz amongst the candlelight
Strings light our way
Binding in stray
Course in stride
A flows ever near
Each deafening step, intently
We listen in fear

As spirits we linger
In shadows now past
Yet still remains, the steps of our path
The shadow beckons, yet I feel no fear
A longing takes hold
Wishing to disappear

Strings sing a song of a passioned fold
Thus shedding light akin to the sun
In each note now bright as day
A blinding light shall forge our way
Track Name: A Wall of Stone
I lack in the patience it takes to deal with a lesser man
Frivolous nonsensical values on the run
Such rampant fervor, of which I surely lack

I find this ignorance
Nary worthy of attack
Oh? You who'd dance

To such the strings had wrought

No, my friend
You'll not even occupy my thought
Enchanting veneer, of the shadows
Such to fall
I am not one of you
In truth, many laugh at your curious nature

As a wall made of stone
So easily broken
When a barrage of arrows
Find their home
Amongst your frail skin
And whimpering face

Arrogance...befall what form?
I see your misery
In diplomacy, which should not be
So retreat, coward, back to your visage

So retreat, coward, back to your visage
I see right through your lack of form
As a wall of stone, so easily broken
When a barrage of arrows meet their home
Across your frail skin
Track Name: Hold Fast...Thy Lament
I miss the fold
As I grow ever old
I'd be ever bold
To touch the sun again
Such fires
Would surely burn my hand
Clearly reserved for the cunning
Of a younger man

Each passing year
I feel my youth fade
What can be said
A toll must be paid
Suffice it to say
I fear no longer
My life fading away

The life I've had...suffice it
I am glad
To have walked amongst
Kings as peers
So closer now
This withering in my near
I beg the stars to disappear

So I'll grip this knife
And let my blood flow
Hold fast...thy lament
I am proud that I can go
This frivolous wisdom
With each year will surely pass
Tormenting my mind
I've seen enough

This light no longer
Holds anything for me
Burning now within my tired heart
Beating faster now
I accept my chosen fate
So sure now
I will not hesitate

Track Name: The Archer
A call from inner strength
Smites our fears
Reaching forth to taunt the arrows
Straight from thy hand
In each bend of the bow
Time shall stand
A scourge of the land
He changes his course
By his own hand

Fear not
We shall win this day
Territories of the mind
Well within command
Sufficed, the war is uphill
A strand of fatigue
Yet still, further march on
Lay claim to your keep

I who'd beckon force
With arrows in hand
I'd grasp the sky above
As to never fall or stray
I who defied virtue
With arrows in my hand
Fell fires of false regard
Are all that stand in our way

Failures in life
Have chosen to live this way
To fall through abyss
To wither away
I chose variation
To avoid that path
As a shadow I walk
With arrows in hand
Track Name: With Spear, Arrow, and Oath
Lo, brothers
It is foretold
Our struggles come to pass
No need to lament
What has already passed
Breathe now, blissfully
The gifts which thine deserve
Best now, gloriously, now only as reserve

With each hour, we still maintain our strength
For when evil returns
So shall we
Against degeneracy
Unwavering immortals
Who seize this day

A stab to the heart of the tender
The bending of a bow, arrows will take flight
And our enemies shall know no fear for this populace
No mercy for the weak
Rest now with wisdom
Our enemies eternally sleep
Track Name: Arrows of a Dying Age
To lack compassion
Such great injustice
Who'd taunt the arrows
From my hand
A wish for acceptance
In cowardice
Your false ambitions in sight

We see now, forums of deceit
Emboldened words of those who still sleep
Such is their nature
As we wallow in this fight
With arrows in hand
The detractors, in plain sight

The forum of manias
Surely guide our hands
Can only cling to sanity
With such natures at hand
I pity these mortals
Who cling to sacred writ

Step now
The earth stood still
When our arrows broke the wind
To meet their course
And smite with decadence within
No longer made to suffer, to trudge, or strife
Fear not, oh brothers, you'll meet the end

We hear the call
To end suffering
For the bliss of ignorance
Shall hold the key
Track Name: Clarity in These Winds
Hidden by a shadow of a world
Loyal, beseeched
Hammering bliss to reprimand
No power in deceit
Turn shoulder to cowards
Lies at their sides

Those who lack
Replaced with erroneous pride
Take not my words alone, brothers
It's clear as day

Take not my words alone
Such awkward visage in sway
So this way the world will know
Stand and fight
Adhere to the call

The glories which lay in the aftermath
Settle this struggle here
For good and all

Suffering through a blind eye
To become beast
A shell of a man
This fate worse than death
Track Name: With Hammering Glance
When suns eclipsed by his hand
The shadows take command
With cloaked menace such deceit
The glories of which we shall preach

Yielding a different light in path
The inherent virtues of our stride
In status we shall preach
What a book cannot teach

With hammering glance
A mountain crumbles
With words as weapons
At our sides
We'd claim this world
From the shadow of a decadent hand

Pray tell, ignorance, is this bliss?
To live our lives like this?
Gladly promoting decay
Polluting the brothers in our way

Push now this mountain
Rock and coal in hand
Track Name: Outlaws
The hammer which drove the spike
Was driven by a man through will
The same will lives in the hearts of us all
The glory which settles itself as a raven in the sky

As smoke from a train
Barreling through the air
Driving forth as an indestructible force
With valiant honor
Grasping the reins true
The sun glistens hard on these high plains

On higher plains we drift
With revolvers at our sides
As outlaws
We shall never hide
With furrowed brows
Bandanas mask the air
On higher plains we drift
Revolvers at our sides

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